Tryon Photo Gallery

A travelog of Tryon, NC as told and  photographed by Andrew Foster. Photos include Tryon and Polk County along with the NC Foothill Towns of Columbus, Saluda, and nearby Landrum SC.

Welcome to Tryon!  A Village in the Foothills of North Carolina. As you enter Tryon from North Carolina on Hwy 108 you will see on the left this sign at the bottom stating "Welcome to the Friendliest Town in the South". Once you walk around the village shopping area visit a business or two and you will find that Tryon truly is a very friendly place with lots of residents eager to share their knowledge of the Town. Volunteers are armed with the saying "Do it for the Love of Tryon", and they are always eager to help with local projects and organizations. Hope you enjoy your time in Tryon.
The Tryon Toy House
Tryon's Toy House constructed around 1925 as a retail showroom and office for Tryon Toy Makers and wood carvers. A famous craft enterprise founded by Charlotte Yale and Elanor Vance in 1915.  The Toy House was designed by Tryon Architect J. Foster Searles to evoke the European inspiration for distinctive style of Tryon Toys and woodcraft. The first lady Eleanor Roosevelt delivered a Fourth of july speech in 1934 from the front terrace. Today the building houses a museum. However it's most famous resident and birthplace is that of "Morris the Horse", Tryons official mascot.
The Famous Tryon Mascot "Morris the Horse"
Morris is the symbol of the Town of  Tryon, NC. The first version was a much larger horse with tree trunk legs probably built around 1928 by two boys employed at the Tryon Toy Makers. Originally he was built for parades at Tryon Riding and Hunt Club. This scaled down replica is the latest version. He represents the nationally famous handcrafted miniature horse-on-wheels first made in 1916 and designed by Tryon Toy Makers founder Eleanor Vance 1869-1954. A newer version of Morris was  installed  in the same location in October 2012.
The Clock Tower located almost in the Center of Town was donated and built by the local Rotary Clubs. The main street "Trade Street" has shops and restaurants for your pleasure. The food is great and the merchandise is high quality. 
Town Hall and the Police Department  located in a historic building.
Lots of green space and places to stop while enjoying a walk around town. The Park Benches and the Street Lights were all donated by local residents  through fund raising events by Tron Downtown Development Association, TDDA. Each one of them have plaques indicating the donors names. The downtown strolling area offers something for everyone including a wonderful Library, Fine Arts Center, and 4 small Parks. Enjoy yourself in downtown Tryon.
A view down Trade Street and its many historic buildings with shops and businesses.
Tryon has Art Galleries, Fashion Boutiques, Restaurants, Tryon Daily Bulletin, Beer and Wine Shop, Drug Store, Hardware Store, Gift Store, Real Estate Offices, Movie Theatre, Professional and Medical Offices.
Upstairs Gallery and Movie Theatre
Upstairs Gallery an institution in Tryon for 20 plus years, and a vintage Movie theatre in operation for 60 plus years.

Polk County has rural countryside with many panoramic views.